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VersaPRO - Fox Valley Tanning - Naperville, IL

Fox Valley Tanning offers the VersaPRO sunless booth
along with the original VersaSpa and Mystic HD.

VersaPRO Tanning

The VersaPRO brings spray tanning to the next level. This cutting-edge technology gives you flawless results in the privacy of an automated spray tan booth. The VersaPRO offers 3 spray nozzles vs. the original 2 in the VersaSpa. During the entire spray process you are blow dried with WARM air. The VersaPRO offers close to 100 customizable spray sessions. Numbered foot tiles on the floor along with loud vocal directions, eliminate confusion on how to stand while getting sprayed. The VersaPRO offers the ability for a gradual development color or the instant bronze color. The availability of a body pH prep spray and anti-aging post-moisturizer gives you the best spray tan ever experienced.

VersaPRO Packages
$30....1 spray session (any level w/prep or moisturizer)
$35....1 spray session (any level w/prep and moisturizer)
$69....3 spray sessions (any level w/prep or moisturizer)
$79....3 spray sessions (any level w/prep and moisturizer)

VersaSpa/Mystic HD Membership
(Takes $10 off the regular priced spray sessions)

$69....1 year VersaSpa Membership Fee
$39....150 VersaSpa Membership Fee

VersaPRO Tanning Naperville